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What is Zone Technique

The New Wave of Chiropractic Care

You may be familiar with traditional chiropractic care, but have you heard of the latest trend, brain-based chiropractic?

Well Zone technique is an ahead of its time approach which is all based on the brain’s communication to the body. Zone therapy has been around since 1931 having been created by Dr Thurman Fleet, this came with achieving healing results that were unparalleled.

This was developed into the Zone technique in the early 1990’s by Dr Pete Goldman. The technique is based on the whole body being controlled by 6 brain centres; when all centres are balanced and happy the body is in a state of perfect health.

Here’s everything you need to know about this cutting-edge approach to healthcare.

What is Zone Technique?

Zone is a spinal cord stimulation technique. It is based on the stimulation of specific points on the spinal cord that are neurologically linked to a specific brain centre. This sends healing energy up to the brain centre that needs balancing, once the brain centre is balanced, they are able to send the proper signals to the body’s systems allowing the body to heal itself. 

Dr. Fleet taught the following – There are only six kinds of disturbances that can affect the human body. These are:

  • MUSCULAR, and

All diseased conditions, aches and pains, and other discomforts experienced by the body can be attributed to one or more of the above disturbances to the body’s 6 systems or Zones.

Once the underlying cause is found, care can be targeted specifically to that area. This often results in faster and more long-lasting relief than traditional methods of care. Highlighted by the unparallel healing results seen by zone practitioners.

What are the benefits of Zone Technique?

There are many benefits of Zone Technique, both for patients and practitioners. For patients, this approach often leads to faster symptom relief as well as improved overall health and performance.

For practitioners, this technique allows them to take a more individualized approach to each patient’s care.

This means that each patient receives care that is specifically tailored to their needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. As we believe that everyone’s journey is unique to themselves.

How Does It Work?

Because the body can be classified as an “ELECTRICAL MACHINE”, the 6 brain centres represent the “POSITIVE POLE” of the body, and the specific points in the spinal cord represent the “NEGATIVE POLE” of the body. When there is a disturbance in the body, one or more of these centres are “shorted out”.

The normal function of the centres is disrupted by the effects of stress, coming in any of the following forms Thoughts(emotional), Trauma(physical), Toxins(chemical). Having balanced brain centres allows the body to adapt and overcome incoming stresses making the body more resilient.

Zone practitioners assesses which of the brain centres are not in harmony with the systems they control. This is done by feeling specific points on the patient’s head. These points are neurologically linked to the 6 brain centres. When a brain centre is not sending the proper signals to its system, all bodily material associated with that system suffers. To correct this, the zone practitioner stimulates 4 specific points in the spinal cord relating to the specific brain centre.

This sends healing energy up the spinal cord to the brain centres that need balancing. Once balanced, the brain centres can send out proper signals to the body’s systems and the body is better able to function and heal itself.

This technique is particularly effective for those who suffer from chronic symptoms and have tried various other forms of help as we find and address the cause of the issue. Patients see the benefits from a range of things headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain and stress relief.


If you’re looking for something different in your chiropractic care, look no further than Zone Technique. 

With world renowned results for success in addressing a wide variety of issues, offering holistic approach that promotes longevity and health without the reliance on prescription medication. This cutting-edge technique offers many benefits for both patients and practitioners alike. 

Next steps? Dive into our six-part series, detailing each of the zones, what they do and how they work. You can read the first in the series here: What is Zone 1 – the Glandular System.

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