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What is Zone 2 – the Elimination System

Each of the body’s magical zones detailed and explained. In the last post, we uncovered the Glandular system. Today we will be going over Zone 2, the Elimination system, the body’s waste disposal plant.

The Elimination System is a crucial and often overlooked infrastructure within our body responsible for detoxification and purification.

The eliminative zone is designed to ‘eliminate’ or flush out built-up waste and toxins from your body; its organs include the sinuses, lungs, kidneys, intestines, bladder, colon, and skin.  Each cell in your body produces waste material as a natural by-product of living; however, it must have a way of flushing this out. 

Just like the plumbing system in your house, when it’s ‘backed up’ it’s a dirty place to live. It is the same with the body; when you have improper elimination, it prevents the harmful chemicals from flushing out, thus poisoning it from the inside out.  

When the eliminative zone is working 100%, you may ingest foul food, air, allergens, bacteria, and viral particles without you even knowing it. As well as flushing the lactic acid out of your muscles, ensuring a faster recovery from intense training. 

By employing specifically devised adjustments, we seek to correct these interferences, enhancing the performance of the elimination system and fostering our overall health and vitality.

The Formidable Quartet of the Elimination System

The Kidneys and Bladder

As the body’s primary waste filtration and excretion unit, the kidneys and bladder perform a symphony of toxin elimination. Interference in the lumbar spine and sacrum, closely related to Zone 2, can disturb the rhythm of these key players, potentially impairing their function. 

By applying targeted Zone 2 adjustments, we restore this interrupted harmony, enhancing kidney and bladder function.

The Colon

Acting as the body’s internal waste management system, the colon plays a critical role in discarding undigested remnants from our system. Disruptions in the lumbar spine, falling under the purview of Zone 2, can impact the colon’s performance. 

Through specialised adjustments within this zone, practitioners can reinstate these signals and promote better colon function.

The Lungs

Beyond their role in oxygenation, the lungs serve as a crucial detoxifying organ, expelling waste in the form of carbon dioxide. Stress in the thoracic spine, overlapping with Zone 2, can potentially affect lung function. 

Adjustments in this zone remove these stresses, promoting optimal respiratory health and waste elimination.

The Skin

Our skin is more than a physical barrier; it’s an active participant in waste elimination, expelling toxins through sweat. Disruptions in the nerves that control skin function can interfere with this essential detoxification process. 

Zone 2 adjustments aim to rectify these nerve disruptions, enhancing the skin’s waste-elimination capabilities.

Zone 2 – A Space of Purification and Detoxification

Zone 2 is not just a symbolic representation of these organs; it encompasses our entire elimination system, working tirelessly to maintain our body’s purity and balance. 

Spinal interference in their corresponding regions can compromise these vital functions, potentially leading to an accumulation of toxins and waste products. 

Adjustments within Zone 2 addresses the interference within the system, promoting the optimal functioning of the elimination system as a whole.

Concluding Notes: Zone 2 Unveiled

In conclusion, Zone 2 serves as our Elimination System – an assembly line of organs committed to the purging of toxins and waste from our bodies. 

The dedicated adjustments within this zone correct the stress and interference, facilitating the optimal operation of the elimination system.

By rectifying spinal interference, we not only address the function of our body but also bolster our body’s natural detoxification capabilities. 

The result? 

A healthier, cleaner, and more balanced internal environment fosters our overall well-being and vitality, including regular healthy bowel and bladder movements, elimination of bloating, acid reflux, and bodily toxins, better alkaline acid balance and healthier skin.

In our next post in this series, we will be unveiling Zone 3 – the Nervous System.

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