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What is Zone 1 – the Glandular System

Each of the body’s magical zones detailed and explained. In this six-part series, we will be uncovering each of the six different zones. Today we will be going over Zone 1, the Glandular system, the body’s hormonal powerhouse.

The glandular system is essentially the body’s inner pharmacy. The body creates more chemicals than a pharmaceutical company. The brain sends signals to the 200+ glands in the body, releasing essential hormones and chemicals for optimal health. 

This system is a complex network of glands and organs that secrete and uses hormones to control and coordinate your body’s metabolism, energy levels, reproductive, growth and development, and response to injury, stress and mood. 

Any trauma, disease or strain in the glands will cause a reaction along the nerves to the brain. If the strain is large enough, it can cause a block in regular nerve energy and result in overactive or underactive glands. 

Balancing the glandular system can improve energy levels, depression, focus, reproductive functions, and the immune system. Therefore, it is imperative that the glandular system is kept in balanced. 

The Charming Trio of the Glandular System

The Thyroid Gland

Anchored in our neck, this butterfly-shaped maestro directs the tempo of our metabolism, energy levels, and growth. Interference in the cervical spine, particularly in the lofty realms of the upper neck, can interrupt the melodic functions of the thyroid gland. 

By applying Zone 1 adjustments, we aim to rectify these dissonances and restore the thyroid’s harmonic balance.

The Adrenal Gland

Known as our body’s stress management department, the adrenal gland crafts hormones that manage our response to stress and adaptability. Disruptions in the thoracic spine, which aligns with Zone 1, can affect the performance of these indispensable glands. 

Targeted adjustments within this zone can balance the strain on the thoracic spine, enhancing adrenal gland function.

The Pituitary Gland 

Aptly labelled as the “master gland,” the pituitary gland takes centre stage in the glandular system, controlling the operations of other glands and the production of hormones. 

Interference in the upper cervical spine, specifically at the atlas (C1) and axis (C2) vertebrae, can disrupt the harmony between the pituitary gland and its counterparts. Zone 1 adjustments are designed to balance this region and foster optimal pituitary gland function.

Zone 1 – A Zone of Hormonal Harmony

Zone 1 is not just limited to the three aforementioned glands. It is a realm that also encapsulates the pancreas, ovaries, testes, and the mystical pineal gland (the body’s 3rd eye) – all of which contribute to the symphony of hormonal balance and holistic health. 

Disruptions in their corresponding spinal areas can impact their functional harmony, potentially spawning hormonal imbalances and related health concerns. Adjustments within Zone 1 are geared towards rectifying these disruptions and enhancing the overall performance of the glandular system.

Concluding Notes: Zone 1 Unveiled

In essence, Zone 1 is the key representation of our Glandular System – a complex network of hormone-producing glands. 

The focused adjustments within this zone are dedicated to re-establishing brain and body communication and facilitating the optimal operation of the glandular system. 

Reporting benefits are better sleep and relaxation; more energy; stronger immunity; increased memory; balanced hormone production; normalised menstruation, clear skin and healthier hair; better appetite regulation and elimination, resolution of anxiety and depression; improved fertility. 

By rectifying spinal interference, practitioners are not just fixing our backbone; they are empowering our body’s innate healing capabilities, fostering a healthier, happier, and harmonious existence.

In our next post in this series, we will be unveiling Zone 2 – the Elimination System.

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