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Meet the ymr team

Shannon and Josh work exceptionally well together as their goals and passions align, as shown in their fantastic results.

Shannon Heard
Founder  •  Chiropractor
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    Shannon is extremely passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves and perform in life at a high level. She started her chiropractic journey as a patient, so she knows exactly how it feels through the healing journey.

    When Shannon isn’t in the clinic, you will find her outside with her horse Solo or out walking and running around at agility courses with Tiger.

    Shannon graduated from McTimoney Chiropractic College and specialises in various techniques, including; Diversified, Pregnancy, Blocking, Upper cervical, Zone, McTimoney, Activator and horse rider biomechanics. As well as having a much deeper base knowledge on techniques and analysis.

    Shannon is a registered chiropractor with the General Chiropractic Association and the United Chiropractic Association and is a Zone Practitioner for Zone School of Healing.

Josh Wymer
Founder  •  Chiropractor
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    Josh was inspired to become a chiropractor after having a life-changing journey himself as a patient, helping him get back into rugby at a young age and continuing to enhance his performance abilities. 

    This translates to his way of practice. Josh loves to help people perform better in life and be the best and strongest version of themselves. A strong mind and body lead to a happy life, and Josh loves to bring happiness back into people's lives. 

    Josh's passions outside of practice involve a variety of sports, mostly rugby and football, scenic walks and adventures with Tiger, paddle boarding, and furthering his expertise in practice by travelling across the country for a variety of specialist chiropractic courses. 

    Josh graduated from McTimoney chiropractic college and specialises in a variety of techniques, including; Diversified, Pregnancy and Paediatric, Blocking, Brain-based chiropractic, Zone, McTimoney, Activator and Performance care. 

    Josh is able to help anyone ranging from newborns to athletes to palliative care. Josh is a registered chiropractor with the General Chiropractic Association and the United Chiropractic Council and is a Zone Practitioner for Zone School of Healing.

  • Learn more about Tiger

    Tiger is a cross between a Boston terrier and a Toy poodle. He is our team mascot and carries out all his duties with a big heart and a waggy tail. Tiger is a keen agility athlete and looks to compete at Crufts.

    When not in practice, he enjoys ball throws, long walks and adventures, and all the meat he can eat.

3 London Road, Stroud GL5 2BP

Our practice is located in Stroud. Our neighbouring service areas include Nailsworth, Stonehouse & Gloucester.

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