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What is Zone 6 – the Circulatory System

Each of the body’s magical zones detailed and explained. In the last post, we uncovered the Muscular system. Today we will be going over Zone 6, the Circulatory system, the body’s pumping system.

The Circulatory System – The Body’s Lifeline, an extensive transportation network

The circulatory zone includes the heart, arteries, veins and the lymphatic system (mini-trash cans). These 60,000 miles of circulatory pathways carry nourishing oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body. It carries carbon dioxide waste and other toxic metabolites from all parts of the body to the lungs and kidneys for elimination. 

It carries nutrients absorbed in the mouth, stomach, and intestines throughout the body to produce the energy and “building blocks” needed to repair the tissues that make up the body.  

The circulatory zone also carries the hormones released by the glandular zone. Just like the engine in your car, without proper oil circulating through, it would seize up and stop working. The lymphatic system is like a daily oil-changing system, collecting waste from the arteries and veins. 

It is then dumped in the lymph nodes, where white blood cells clean up any debris and purify the lymph fluid, which is finally dumped back into the arterial-venous system.  Since the lymphatic system has no pump (like the heart), it is particularly dependent on the muscular zone to move the fluids around. 

Bed-ridden patients may develop bed sores due to the lack of movement in the lymphatic portion of the circulatory zone.

The Triad of the Circulatory System 

The Heart

Serving as our body’s powerful pump, the heart propels blood throughout our bodies. Interference in the thoracic spine, corresponding to Zone 6, can potentially affect heart function. 

Through skilfully administered Zone 6 adjustments, we rectify these disruptions, optimising heart performance.

Blood Vessels

These conduits, which include arteries, veins, and capillaries, transport blood loaded with oxygen and nutrients to our tissues and carry away waste products. Disruptions in the function of the spine can potentially impact the function of these crucial vessels. 

Adjustments within Zone 6 can restore function and enhance vascular health.


This vital fluid carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and immune cells to every corner of our bodies and ferries away waste products. 

Stress in the spine, particularly in the lumbar and sacral regions, can potentially affect blood composition and function. Zone 6 adjustments rectify these stresses, promoting healthier blood function.

Zone 6 – The Hub of Circulatory Harmony 

Zone 6 encapsulates our entire circulatory system, working tirelessly to deliver vital substances throughout our body. Spinal interference in their corresponding regions can interrupt these critical transport routes, potentially leading to health issues. 

Care within Zone 6 is focused on addressing these interferences, promoting optimal functioning of the circulatory system as a whole.

Concluding Notes: Zone 6 Unveiled 

In essence, Zone 6 represents our Circulatory System – an intricate web of vessels and channels committed to sustaining life through continuous delivery and removal of substances. 

The dedicated adjustments within this zone aim to correct any interference in the body, facilitating the optimal operation of the circulatory system.

Balancing the signals from the brain to the circulatory system includes normalising circulation and lymphatic drainage, normalising blood pressure, normal functioning heart, greater ease and relaxation, increasing strength, increasing circulation, improved thyroid function, the perfect temperature in hands and feet, and improved movement of limbs.

That wraps up our series on the 6 magical zones detailed and explained. To jump back to the start, follow this link: Zone 1 – the Glandular System.

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