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Healthy things to do in Stroud

If you’re looking to get fit or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, Stroud is the perfect place to be.

With plenty of parks, trails and other outdoor spaces to explore, not to mention a wealth of amazing restaurants and cafes, you’ll find everything you need here to make positive changes in your life. 

In this blog post, we’ll share our favourite healthy things to do in Stroud – so read on for inspiration!

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Farmer’s market – Shambles Market

Shambles Market in Stroud is a weekly farmer’s market that takes place every Saturday morning. It’s one of our favourite things to do in Stroud, as it’s the perfect place to find fresh, local produce. 

They have a variety of different local products ranging from pottery and gifts galore to honey, pesto and sauces. 

The market is set up throughout town, and you’ll find everything you’ll need in one stall or another. There’s also a selection of stalls selling hot food, so you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch while you browse. 

We love Shambles Market because it’s a great way to support local businesses and farmers. The produce is always fresh and delicious. While also having the chance of fresh sweet treats, our favourite being doughnuts.

Health stores

Sunshine Health Foods is a treasure trove of healthy goodies, stocking everything from organic produce to natural remedies and supplements. Sunshine Health Foods also has a cafe on site, which serves up delicious homemade fare made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

We love Sunshine Health Foods for its wide selection of healthy foods and supplements, as well as its cosy atmosphere. The staff are always friendly and helpful, and the cafe menu is mouth-watering!

Made in Stroud is an amazing place to shop for a wide variety of locally produced gifts for loved ones which also includes a range of amazing bits to support a healthy and happy life.

Having all the essential oils you need, with packages such as new mum support which is amazing for any new mums out there that need a helping hand at home in their health journey. Make sure to pop in and have a browse and see what amazing gifts you can find for yourself or loved ones.

The staff at Made in Stroud are amazing and genuine. While the business itself is a true representation of Stroud by focusing on everything local to Stroud, which is why I recommend them so highly.

Places to eat 

Food has a massive place in my and Shannon’s hearts as it is vital to nourish our bodies and enjoy different experiences with food, whether that is sit-in-dinning, a pub meal, or takeaway meals from the market for a busy day at work.

Food is a great way to connect us all, and as they say, food is a gateway to the soul. So here is a list of some of our favourite places to eat. 

If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment, and let us know.

The best coffee place in Stroud

Our Team’s go-to coffee place is The Locks keeper’s Café. You can get a lovely coffee in the centre of Stroud and follow on with a lovely walk down the canal or chill in their seating area looking over the canal. 

Lock Keeper’s café also offers compostable takeaway cups for an ethical coffee on the go. 

Coffee is a great way to give yourself a pick-me-up for the day, as it’s a great source of natural caffeine while also being rich in antioxidants. 

There are many more perceived benefits to drinking coffee, such as:

  • increased longevity, 
  • supporting heart and brain health, 
  • enhance physical performance, and 
  • aiding in weight management.


There are plenty of gyms in Stroud, but the best one by far is undoubtedly The Fitness Mill. 

The Fitness Mill is a Family run independent award-winning gym that boasts a multistorey gym facility that has 5 specialised training zones. The training zones include the following; Weights Room, Functional Room, Studio, Cardiovascular Room with resistance machines and a TRX / personal training area.

The fitness mill has been operating in Stroud for over 27 years. It’s ideology is that “No goal too big, no goal too small.” They have a wide and diverse selection of Personal Trainers, all with different expertise. The staff at The Fitness Mill are passionate about fitness and always happy to help members achieve their goals.

If you’re looking for an intense, challenging workout environment, then The Fitness Mill is the place for you! 

Yoga & Massage Therapy

If you’re looking for a yoga studio in Stroud, there are plenty to choose from, but our 2 favourites are undoubtedly Stroud Yoga Space and Stroud Sky Yoga.

Both studios are spacious studio with plenty of natural light. Stroud yoga space boasts bamboo heated flooring and a large team of different teachers. 

While Stroud Sky Yoga is Stroud’s old aerial yoga and reformer Pilates studio. They both offer an extensive range of teachers, all highly experienced and passionate about their work.

They offer a wide range of classes to suit all levels, from beginners to advanced students. So be sure to check both out and find the right fit for yourself.  

L G Massage Therapy is our recommended massage therapist. Having been a massage therapist in Stroud for over 15 years, I am sure many of you are familiar with Lynne’s amazing work.

But for those of you who don’t, she offers a wide range of amazing services to name a couple incredible ones is the pregnancy massage and the specialist cancer care massage. 

You can now find her located at The Stroud Foot Clinic which in itself is a great multi-disciplinary clinic.

Sports clubs

Sport is a great way to keep active physically while also being a great way to embrace your mental well-being by having the social outlet in various forms of sports clubs. 

With Gloucestershire being a keen rugby fanbase and that it is my favourite sport to play, our first recommendation is Stroud Rugby Club.

Stroud rugby club is actually a club that we have had personal relations with, as Shannon’s grandfather was captain of Stroud for several years and even coached them from the late 1940s onwards. The club has strong support from its long history, having been formed in 1873.

They offer two training sessions a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with games on the weekend. Rugby is a great physical outlet while also focusing on a great team dynamic, so if you are keen, be sure to get in contact with them.

Staying in the realm of contact sports is KO Stroud, “Stroud’s Premier Martial Arts Centre”. Established in 2017, they have state-of-the-art equipment while offering “martial arts for everyone”. Martial arts is a great way to have driven training that focuses on strength, technique and mobility, which are all keys to living a healthy life.

If you prefer a slower, more relaxing pace for your sport of choice, why not check out Stroud bowls club. Bowls is a sport for all ages which is always growing in popularity and can be played casually or competitively.

There is so much more that Stroud has to offer from a sporting point of view, so be sure to have a search for what is the right fit for you.

Walks and commons

If you’re looking for a healthy way to spend an afternoon, why not take a walk around one of Stroud’s lovely commons? There are plenty of them to choose from, and each has its own unique charms. 

The Commons in Stroud include Rodborough, Minchinhampton and Painswick commons, and they offer wonderful walking opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. The paths are well-maintained, and there’s plenty of wildlife to see, making for a peaceful and enjoyable experience. 

If you’re looking for something more strenuous, why not try the Cotswold Way? This 102-mile-long trail winds through some of the most picturesque countryside in England, offering hikers beautiful views at every turn. 

Woodchester park is another great trip. With a unique and amazing Grade 1 listed Victorian Gothic house hidden at the heart of a beautiful Cotswold valley. The mansion is surrounded by a national trust park with woodlands, walks and water.

Another great way to enjoy a healthy walk is by visiting one of Stroud’s many parks. There are parks suitable for all ages and interests, from the children’s play area to tranquil gardens.

A nice and easy local walk is the lovely Stratford park, where you can include a trip inside the free museum to peak your creative ideas and feel grounded in the beautiful flower garden at the back of the museum.


Stroud is a great place for people who love healthy living! There are plenty of options for getting active and eating well, from farmer’s markets to yoga studios to sports clubs. 

We highly recommend exploring all the healthy things that Stroud has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!

Josh Wymer

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